Why Choose Us

1. We are half the cost of jet charters
2. No long lines or security
3. No lost luggage
4. We get you closer to your destination

No lines, no worries. When traveling with four or more people, we offer a group rate to make your trip as cost-efficient-as-possible. So why fly any other way?  As one of the most experienced and trusted airlines in The Bahamas, our impressive and loyal clientele compose a distinguished list of international business and vacation travelers.

Private Charter
Fly within, The Bahamas to and from the family Islands with impeccable safety, quality, friendly and reliable service.

Private charter means you may choose your travel company and keep your conversation private.

You fly when and where you want. With Ferg’s Air you create your own schedule.

You’re in great company
Our team is nimble and moves quickly to ensure successful outcomes for our customers. We have a proven track record of achieving highly reliable On-Time Performance and top operational safety.

Proudly serving some of the world’s leading organizations since 1997, we flawlessly and efficiently execute strategic air missions to support our customers’ goals. 

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