Ferg’s Air Charter, Captain, Rufus Ferguson

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The Benefits of Air Charter 

1. Convenience: You travel when you want, on your schedule and not the airline’s. Our charter service is available anytime day or night.

2. Save Time: Your time is valuable. We guarantee no lines to stand in and no airport security to deal with. You can be airborne within minutes of arrival. You will save literally hours.

3. Privacy: The only passengers are your party and a flight host if you would like one.

4. Comfort: Our cabins have comfortable club seating. Our cabins are pressurized and air conditioned.

5. Pet Transportation: Pets travel with their owners in our aircraft cabins rather in the cargo hold of a commercial airliner.

6. Service: We provide personalized and professional customer service, complimentary drinks and light snacks. You will always be dealing with an owner of the company whose business depends on your customer satisfaction.

7. Safety: Ferg's Air Charters has a perfect safety record.

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