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Ferg’s Air Charter, Captain, Rufus Ferguson

Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities in private charter with Ferg’s Air Charter – the “ONE” for service, comfort and safety! With access to dozens of airports, a private plane can get you closer and faster than any commercial airline and in a shorter time. 

The business of private charter (or “air charter”) is the business of renting an entire aircraft as opposed to only a seat on a flight. One doesn’t have to purchase a ticket through a traditional/ commercial airline and can schedule travel to fit their schedule instead of the other way around. Private air charter is ideal for any individual who travels frequently, who has out of town events, family reunions, and company fun day etc., but who also have time-sensitive work and/or cargo. High profile clientele may choose to go with a charter while traveling for all purposes to keep privacy intact. Jet charter is also preferable in an emergency as a sort of air ambulance.

Ferg’s Air Charter is headquartered in New Providence, Nassau, The Bahamas; we fly an executive class Navajo which is configured for a minimum of nine passengers, with first class seating. Cabin not pressurized and air conditioning will supplement your comfort while on board our quiet aircraft.