The Berry Islands a desired destination. Composed of a cluster of 30 cays, a majority of these islands are uninhabited. It's not uncommon to stumble across a footprint-free beach or private cove. The Berry Islands are also home to a number of cavern, reef, wall and wreck dive sites, as well as a 600-foot-wide blue hole, 

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Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas Getaway

Escape to the beautiful Island of Great Harbour Cay located on The Berry Islands in The Bahamas. The Berry Islands are made up of a land mass that totals just over twelve square miles. Many of the 30 cays that comprise the islands are great for snorkeling, hiking, diving and beachcombing. 

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Treasure Cay, Abaco Island

Bahamas Escape


Give your body and mind the 5-day long rejuvination it needs; visit the Island of Abaco. You will be welcomed by the calm waters, warm breezes and panoramic beauty which make this chain of islands a boating and sailing paradise. But it’s not just the sea that attracts travelers. You will also find championship golf courses on Treasure Cay, and countless hotels, restaurants and bars throughout The Abacos.

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  • Marsh Harbour, Abaco (Party of 9 pp                        $123
  • Great Harbour Cay, Berry Island (Party of 9 pp)           $160
  • South Bimini, Bimini Island, (Party of 5 pp)                 $240
  • Nassau to Fresh Creek, (Party of 5 pp)                      $140
  • Nassau to North Andros (Party of 9 pp)                       $140         **(PP = Per Person)


Family Island Destinations 

Welcome To The Beautiful Islands Of The Bahamas!


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I booked Ferg's Air Charter for our annual family vacation in Great Harbour Cay,The Berry Islands in The Bahamas. I had peace of mind knowing our trip was in good hands. Thanks for the hospitality and great service Capt. Ferguson. Sarah, Orlando, Fl.

Cutless Bay, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Islands Getaway


Eleuthera is the fourth most populated island of The Bahamas. From endless pineapple fields to white- and pink-sand beaches to secluded coves and miles of coastlines. Eleuthera and Harbour Island define The Bahamas. An island of casual sophistication, housing isolated communities, well-developed resorts, rocky bluffs, low-lying wetlands and massive coral reefs that create magnificent backdrops. The islands continue to charm visitors with tropical flair. 

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