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Ferg’s Air is a CAA certified commercial air charter company operating to over 20 desirable Caribbean destinations throughout The Bahamas. Fergs Air is a member of Bahamas Association of Air Transport Operators Limited; our Air Operator Certificate number FALA-605 was established in 1997 by Rufus Ferguson; our motto is “Ferg’s Air We’ll take you there!”

At Ferg’s Air Charters, we strive to be one of the industry leaders in providing safe, dependable and friendly air charter services. We are family owned and operated which means we care about you, not bottom-line profits. 

Ferg’s Air is based on the Island of New Providence, our modern air-conditioned executive lobby allows our passengers to relax before boarding their flight. We fly an executive class Navajo which is configured for a minimum of nine passengers, with first class seating. Cabin is not pressurized and air conditioning will supplement your comfort while on board our quiet aircraft. Our charter offer’s beautifully maintained aircraft that can accommodate a party as small as 3 and as large as 8 to all listed destinations. Ferg's Air provides service 365 days a year.

Our staff of trained pilots and maintenance personnel assures you peace-of-mind when flying with us; thus, we offer convenient, safe, comfortable, reliable and confidential service to our customers. Let our friendly experienced staff assist you with making your next air charter experience an absolute joy.

We look forward to providing your transport to your destination, your private paradise. Welcome to the Islands of The Bahamas!

Ferg's Air Charter, The Bahamas & The Family Of I slands