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There is no place on earth quite like the Family Islands of The Bahamas.

Instead of having your company’s fun day in Nassau visit one of the beautiful beaches on the family Islands; rendezvous with paradise when you encounter Amerada’s powdery, white beaches and turquoise waters.With miles and miles of powdery, white beaches surrounded by clear, turquoise waters. Bright, pink Flamingos, ancient Iguanas and laid-back residents that continue to ensure that the Islands of The Bahamas remains the unspoiled secret it has always been.

Comprising one of the world’s largest and most beautiful reefs, The Family Islands offers idyllic snorkeling and diving conditions year ’round. After exploring the brilliantly colorful and rich marine life, treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail and feast on our world-famous conch salad a delicacy of the Island.

The day’s itinerary is all yours, your schedule is our schedule.

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