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When it comes to traveling in style and comfort, Ferg’s Air a private charter is the ultimate way to travel. The Bahamas premier charter airline - where your schedule is our schedule and our motto is: “Ferg’s Air, we’ll take you there!”; we are licensed to provide superior inter-island travel alternative to the commercial airlines services.  Whether you're traveling for business or planning a private tour you control the schedule. We are licensed and insured, Commercial Pilot we offer competitive charter rates and unbeatable personal service.

We serve every type of traveler, from high-profile clientele to everyday tourists looking to experience the Islands of the Caribbean in style while flying a private air charter. Whether your main concern is privacy, security comfort or convenience, we know you will be satisfied with all aspects of your private charter from Ferg’s Air. Additionally, no longer is this way of travel just for the rich and famous and has many advantages over commercial airline.Let our professional pilots fly you on a private charter to your destination while you sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. A private plane will minimize your time in the air and maximize your time at your destination. When time is of the essence and there’s a tight schedule, choosing a charter for travel is most convenient way to go.

Enjoy the Comfort, Privacy and Convenience of a Private Air Charter

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